HTML Bacis

Chapter 2

Let's recall chapter 1 example:

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html language="en">
        <title> My First Page </title>
        Hello world!!!

In above example we have <html>, <head>, <body> etc. we called them HTML tags. Each html tag start with <...> and end with </...> except few self closing tags like <br /> which do not have end tag. We will discuss more on this in next chapter.

Let's come back to example above

As we can observer in above example an html document start with <html> tag and ends with </html> tag.

Inside <html> tag, we have two tags <head> and <body>.

<head> is for metadata, we will discuss more on it in later chapters. <body> is what you will see inside a browser window and whatsoever we have in between <body> tag will appear on screen.

Next, we will study different HTML elements we can use inside <body> and their use case. Also what is a HTML elements.

Note: You might observered document type declaration <!DOCTYPE html> in example above. <!DOCTYPE html> tells browser that which version of html you are using and it should always be very first line of your html file.

Chapter 3 - HTML Elements